How Latte got 300,000 pageviews in 4 days

eegloo’s first alumni, live & collaborative storytelling app, Latte in cooperation with Live Riga, and Delfi, a major news website, achieved amazing results and got a definitive proof of concept that mobile, collaborative, live reporting is just what the market needs.


Latte + Live Riga + Delfi + Tall Ships Races = SUCCESS!

On July 25-28 Tall Ships Races came to Riga which was a great opportunity to show Latte in action. With the cooperation of the festival’s organizer Live Riga and our biggest, local news website Delfi we spotlighted the events.


1 Event, 1 story, 4 days, 10 contributors, 582 entries, 20,000 visitors, 300,000 pageviews

Over these 4 days, 10 people contributed to the story and added 582 entries. The Tall Ships Races Riga 2013 story got over 20,000 visitors, 300,000 pageviews with an average time on site of 7 minutes and 15 pageviews per visit. Definitely noteworthy.

Delfi embedded our Live coverage on their site to engage their readers. As a result they tripled their expected visitor count. Not too shabby for a little startup.

Start making your own stories with Latte. Download Latte now on Android or iOS. Create engaging stories and live reports right from the scenes with your mobile.

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